Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vintage card from Tallinn

I have many vintage cards from Tallinn, they are so beautiful! This one dates from 1986.

Anapa, Russia

Anapa is a town on the northern coast of the Black Sea near the Sea of Azov, with many resorts. My parents and sisters have been there and sent me this card. It shows the archaeological finds of Anapa.

Romantic Forest Quarter

The Waldviertel (Forest Quarter) is the northwestern region of the Austrian state Lower Austria.

Germany and Spain checklist

Germany and Spain are my favourite countries to get cards from! I aspire to get cards from alllll German states and Spanish autonomous communities. So here's the checklist:


Baden-Württemberg X
Bavaria (Bayern) X
Berlin X

Hamburg X
Hesse (Hessen) X
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern X
Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) X
North Rhine-Westphalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen) X
Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz) X

Saxony (Sachsen)
Saxony-Anhalt (Sachsen-Anhalt) X
Schleswig-Holstein X
Thuringia (Thüringen)



Andalusia (Sp. Andalucía) X
Aragon (Sp. Aragón)
Principality of Asturias (Sp. Principado de Asturias)
Balearic Islands (Sp. Islas Baleares)
Basque Country (Sp. Euskadi, País Vasco) X
Canary Islands (Sp. Islas Canarias) X

Castile-La Mancha (Sp. Castilla-La Mancha) X
Castile and León (Sp. Castilla y León)
Catalonia (Sp. Cataluña) X
Galicia X
La Rioja
Madrid X
Region of Murcia (Sp. Región de Murcia)
Foral Community of Navarre (Sp. Comunidad Foral de Navarra) X
Valencian Community (Sp. Comunidad Valenciana)

Barcelona - Catalonia, Spain

Spanish card sent from Russia:


Old Market Square, Olde Hansa Medieval Restaurant and the Town Hall, Tallinn.

Red sails

This is an ad card from the art exhibition of brothers Carlos "Gibran" Concepcion and Gonzalo Concepsion, they are Spanish painters, I believe.

Alzey - Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

This card says Alzey in wine paradise Rhenish Hesse. Rhenish Hesse (German: Rheinhessen) is a region in German state Rhineland-Palatinate (Rhineland-Pfalz) and is the largest of 13 regions producing German wine (hence the wine paradise).
Alzey is one of the Nibelungenstädte – towns associated with the Nibelungenlied – because it is represented in this work by the character Volker von Alzey. Hence, Alzey is also known as Volkerstadt.

And this is my favourite stamp from Germany:

Bollenhut - Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Part of traditional Schwarzwald (Black Forest) women costume is Bollenhut, a straw hat with wool pom-poms. Married women wear black pom-poms, unmarries girls wear red ones. These hats are worn in the three neighbouring Black Forest villages of Gutach, Kirnbach and Reichenbach since around 1750.

Also a stamp featuring Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (known in many countries as Felix Mendelssohn), famous German composer, pianist, organist and conductor.

Mailbox from Japan

This card was printed by Japanese company PostaCollect. They sell a variety of unusually-shaped cards, showing old-fashioned mailboxes or significant symbols of Japanese prefectures. I wish I had more of PostaCollect cards!

I also love Japanese stamps:

Hamballe fountain - Baden-Württemberg, Germany

In the German cultural region Swabia (in the South of Germany) there is a term "Hamballe", meaning a dopey (but lovable)person who would, for example, water their flowers when it's raining.

Also, some nice German stamps:

Vilnius, Lithuania

Arch-Cathedral Basilica of Vilnius (or simply Vilnius Cathedral) is the heart of Lithuania's Catholic spiritual life. The Cathedral is located in the heart of Vilnius Old Town, which is one of the largest medieval old towns in Northern Europe.


Two pictures to the left show Tallinn Town Hall pharmacy (Estonian: Raeapteek). It is one of the oldest continuously running pharmacies in Europe, having always been in business in the same exact house since the early 15th century. It is also the oldest commercial enterprise and the oldest medical establishment in Tallinn.

The picture to the right show Saiakang Passage, the shortest and one of the oldest streets in Tallinn.



St Mary's Cathedral, Tallinn (Estonian: Toomkirik, full name: Tallinna Neitsi Maarja Piiskoplik Toomkirik, German: Ritter- und Domkirche, English: The Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin in Tallinn, also known as Dome Church) is a church located on Toompea Hill in Tallinn, Estonia. Originally established by Danes on 13th century, it is the oldest church in Tallinn and mainland Estonia. It is also the only building in Toompea which survived a 17th century fire. Originally a Roman Catholic cathedral, it became Lutheran in 1561 and now belongs to the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church. (c)wiki

Salam dari Indonesia

The black sand beach stretching up to Candi Dasa, in the east of the island of Bali.

Some beautiful stamps from Indonesia

Friday, March 4, 2011

Gibanica, culinary delicacy from Prekmurje

Prekmurska gibanica (pron. gheebanitsa, prekmurian layer cake) is a layered cake, originating in the region of Prekmurje, Slovenia. It contains poppy seeds, walnuts, apples, raisins, and cottage cheese fillings. Although native to Prekmurje, it has achieved the status of a national speciality of Slovenia. The unique sweetmeat shows the variety of agriculture in this region. (c)wiki

Cordoba - Andalusia, Spain

View of the Roman bridge and the city of Córdoba, Spain. Also, the sender says it must be an older photograph as you can't swim in the Guadalquivir river and there re no cows:) But the picture is indeed very interesting.

Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh, Letti di fiore in Orlanda

Fruits&Passion ad card from Canada

Beautiful ad card from Fruits&Passion bath and beauty store, sent from Canada